Why The Last of Us Actress Ashley Johnson Filed a Restraining Order Against Ex Brian Wayne Foster: Unveiling the Disturbing Details

In a shocking turn of events, American actress Ashley Johnson, known for her role in The Last of Us, has taken a courageous step by filing a restraining order against her former boyfriend, Brian Wayne Foster. Johnson has come forward with disturbing allegations of verbal, physical, and mental abuse, claiming that Foster’s actions have caused immense fear and turmoil for her and her family. This blog delves into the details surrounding her filing, shedding light on the troubling circumstances she has endured.

ashley johnson Brian Wayne Foster

Legal Proceedings Unveiled:

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the 39-year-old actress has taken legal action against her 40-year-old former partner, highlighting that he went to extreme measures after a heated argument between them. Johnson asserts that Foster changed the passwords to her home security cameras, leaving her feeling utterly unsafe within her own residence. The filed documents emphasize that Foster’s behavior is deeply concerning, stating that he is on the verge of crossing boundaries, posing a threat not only to Johnson but also to those close to her.

Escaping a Troubled Relationship:

Johnson’s filing reveals her arduous journey to break free from Foster’s clutches, which lasted over two and a half years. Finally finding the strength this month, she took action against him. The documents highlight that the local authorities issued an emergency protective order due to Foster’s attempts to extort a significant sum of $150,000 from Johnson. Moreover, they reference a history of verbal abuse, Foster’s troubled mental state resulting from narcotics use, and other alarming factors.

Alarming Discoveries:

In her allegations, Johnson discloses alarming discoveries made during her time with Foster. She mentions him frequently carrying an ammo case and a large black bag, wherein she discovered a garotte—a device used for strangulation—alongside two air-soft guns. Johnson recounts an incident in April when Foster denied her internet access and revoked her control over personal devices. Fearing for her safety, she temporarily left her home and sought refuge with her family. Disturbingly, Johnson further accuses Foster of physical, verbal, and mental abuse, citing instances of destructive behavior, derogatory language, and an unstable mental state.

Legal Action and Protective Measures:

As a result of the restraining order, Foster is legally obliged to stay 500 yards away from Johnson’s residence and 100 yards away from her dogs. A formal hearing regarding the case, as well as the allegations of abuse and domestic violence, is scheduled for June. It is important to note that Johnson and Foster began dating in 2012 and announced their engagement in December 2018. Foster has since vacated Johnson’s property under the supervision of the Los Angeles Police Department.


Ashley Johnson’s brave decision to file a restraining order against her former boyfriend sheds light on the harrowing experiences she has endured. Her allegations of verbal, physical, and mental abuse underline the importance of addressing such issues within relationships. As the legal proceedings unfold, we hope that justice will be served and that Johnson can find solace and security moving forward.


Who is Ashley Johnson?

Ashley Johnson is an American actress known for her roles in various films and television shows. She gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Ellie in the critically acclaimed video game adaptation, The Last of Us.

Why did Ashley Johnson file a restraining order against Brian Wayne Foster?

Ashley Johnson filed a restraining order against Brian Wayne Foster, her former boyfriend, alleging verbal, physical, and mental abuse. She claimed that Foster engaged in numerous acts of terror against her and her family, leading her to seek legal protection.

How long was Ashley Johnson trying to end her relationship with Brian Wayne Foster?

According to the filing, Ashley Johnson had been attempting to break things off with Brian Wayne Foster for over two and a half years before successfully doing so recently.


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