How to stop iOS 16 annoying features

This week, Apple released the public beta version of iOS 16, packed with many welcome improvements. You can also unsend or edit text messages using the new fully customizable lock screen.

Even so, some of these additions and some of the older features that have been added are not always universally embraced. As an example, Apple did not allow you to delete built-in applications, such as Stocks or Books,

even if you did not use them ever, even if you had never used them before. Apple eventually reversed its decision, and you can now remove any app from iOS; however, there are still some irritating features on the device.

Apple eventually reversed its decision, and you can now remove any app from iOS; however, there are still some irritating features on the device.

The good news is that there is a way to remove or disable some of the more irritating features and settings in iOS 16, such as the redesigned notifications at the bottom of your lock screen and the newly designed search button on the home page. You can do this by following.

You can stop your iPhone from displaying featured photos and memories

Apple’s artificial intelligence surfaces photos and videos on various places across your iPhone as a friendly reminder of family holidays, couple photos, and holidays. However, you may not always want your photos to be displayed unexpectedly, especially if they are personal, embarrassing, or inappropriate.

Fortunately, with iOS 16, you can now disable Featured Photos and curated collections called Memories from appearing in photo widgets on your home screen or in the Search and For You sections of Photos.

Launch the Settings app to block these tailored photos, click Photos, and toggle off Show Featured Content. All featured content will no longer appear across your device — instead, it’ll only be available in your photo library and albums.

Avoid accidentally ending your phone call by pressing the side button

When you accidentally press the side/power button on the side of your iPhone, you will prematurely end a phone call. If that’s something you’ve encountered in the past, iOS 16 finally allows you to prevent that from happening.

In Settings, go to Accessibility > Touch and toggle off Lock to End Call to prevent the side button from ending your calls. If you hit the side button accidentally, your screen will go to sleep, but you’ll stay uninterrupted on your phone call.

You should remove the search button from your home screen.

Your iPhone’s Search feature lets you quickly find whatever you are looking for, whether a text message, a third-party application, a file, a note, or a location. In addition, the best thing about this feature is that it is easily accessible from the home screen; all you have to do is swipe down anywhere on the screen, and it will appear.

In iOS 16, a small button has been added above your dock, allowing you to access Search from the home screen. Unfortunately, this feature is easily accidentally triggered since it is located near the area where your thumb might go when swiping between your various home pages.

In addition to many of the new iOS 16 that can be disabled, this one can be disabled as well. You can remove the search button from your home screen by opening the Settings app, going to Home Screen, and unticking Show on Home Screen. Your various home screens should replace the Search bubble with a few small dots.

Change the lock screen notifications back to the old ones.

There are widgets, customizable fonts, and colors, a wallpaper gallery, a stylized date and time, and one overlooked change to notifications with Apple’s latest redesign. Instead of appearing at the top of your lock screen, notifications now appear at the bottom, which you can tap on to appear full screen.

There may, however, be some who are not happy with this change. To return to how notifications appeared on iOS 15, launch the Settings application and select Notifications > Display As. You’ll then see three options:

Click on the List option to return to the old notification style.

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