Kardashian followers claim to have spotted a

'baby bump' in a new snapshot of Kourtney 

after the reality star's lavish wedding to Travis Barker in Italy.

Kylie Jenner, Kourtney's younger sister, posted 

a photo of her sister before she walked down the aisle

Kourtney, 41, stood in a lovely white corset and 

 showed off her long, naked legs in the Instagram snap

Kendall, the younger of the two siblings,

"They spend as much time together as they can,"

, was also included in the group shot as the three 

hugged together before the wedding bells rang.

Kendall and Kylie stood in a red room, dressed in floral dresses

Stormi, Kylie's four-year-old daughter, had her arms around Kourtney's waist

Fans, on the other hand, flocked to the comments area, 

claiming to have noticed a baby bump